Halloween Part II

Halloween Part II

I knew I wasn’t done telling our Halloween Tale, but when a writer has an opportunity to end a post by saying that her children received prunes on Halloween, and didn’t even mind…well, that’s a superb ending.

Since it was cold and windy, and coats would cover costumes, and The Buster was wearing shorts, the children were through after not too many houses. It was so much fun to be out with them, and they were laughing and telling each other stories. It was just splendid.

There was only one small moment when things might have gotten difficult.

It was our last house of the night, and the children were up on a high porch while I stayed on the ground.

Not this porch, but you get the idea.
Not this porch, but you get the idea.

I couldn’t see what the woman was showing them when she opened the door. She simply said, “Ghosts or Pumpkins?”

And there was complete silence from all three children…complete…scary…utter…silence.

Remember a couple years ago when our sweet neighbor Amanda offered a bowl of candy to The Buster on Halloween night and he rifled through it, looked up at her and said in a polite voice, “There is nothing of interest to me here.”

Yeah, that’s the shoe I was waiting to hear drop.

Again, “Ghosts or Pumpkins?”

And finally, bless Monkey’s heart she said, “Ghosts, thank you!”

Then Yessa chose pumpkins and Buster chose pumpkins, and they said, “Happy Halloween,” and we ran for the car.

She was giving out full boxes of peeps.


I’m not a fan of peeps. I think they taste terrible. But Barton loves them, and I knew we’d be seeing him over the weekend, so I figured we’d take them to him as a gift.

Because of my sneering dislike, the children had never tasted a peep. Hence their hesitation when the woman asked if they wanted “pumpkins or ghosts.” But, on this night, the children decided to try them. And despite referring to them as “craps,” they eventually ate them all.


Once we returned home, they settled on our bed to dump out candy, exchange, sort, and share.

Dumping the pillow case.
Dumping the pillow case.
He loved the wrist wraps.
He loved the wrist wraps.
Sugar high setting in.
Sugar high setting in.

Yup, those are Lindor truffles in her hands. (We call them “Lindor balls.”) Another example of adult candy making its way home with us.



Trying new candy...
Trying new candy…
...not a fan.
…not a fan.

In addition to the candy, we met lots of new neighbors, I received compliments on my front garden, and the Vote No on 1 sign in the yard, and I got to see my children crack each other up.

I think it was my favorite Halloween so far, and I’m going to keep choosing “yes!”