Several people have asked how our new co-op is going. In homeschooler speak, a “co-op” is when a group of families gather to “school” their children together.

The co-op we found is secular, and very relaxed, which suits our style.

And if you had asked me yesterday morning, I would have told you co-op was going fine. I was having a great time getting to know the other moms, and the children seemed fine.

Then, before we left for co-op, the children sat me down and told me they didn’t want to keep going to co-op. This time I truly listened to what they were saying.

They had logical, rational, honest insights to share.

And my extroverted reason for signing us up, to get them more friends; it isn’t a concern to any of them. They don’t need me to fix this or help them. They are happy with how our life is rolling along, and when another special friend comes into each of their lives, that will be great, but there is no rush.

This was another reminder to me that they are a product of both Buds and me. This piece of their personality is all him. It was good to talk it over with him after the children were all in bed.

I’m not failing them because they don’t have more friends down here. Their needs are different than mine in that realm. They have much to teach me.

In addition to deciding co-op wasn’t a good fit, they also had a list of things they want to do, and ways they still want to get out and meet people. It was a wonderful conversation and so respectful and loving all around.

So, that’s how co-op is going…It isn’t.

That’s how it worked out for us.

On to our next adventure.

Yessa did love all the babies that were around.
Yessa did love all the babies that were around.