Vermont-Part 5-The End

Vermont-Part 5-The End

Due to The Buster’s feeling icky, we changed plans and decided not to potentially share germs with Aunt Liz, Uncle Tony, and Norwich Cousins. Though we were sad about that, it made for a very relaxed last morning at Nonni and Poppi’s.

There was some sledding, packing, playing, packing, and pictures.

Frozen ice mud stomping to start the day.

Then some sledding:

The snow had grown so icy, Poppi and I were reminded of the nearly catastrophic time Zoe went hurtling down the ice hill at that old hotel in the Poconos, and Buds had to run like a gazelle to keep her from crashing into a tree. It was funny when it was over. Thank goodness Buddie is fast.

After some sledding, a little time inside, and Monkey finally woke up for the day.

Trying to get a final cousin shot.
Surely we can all look one direction at the same time?
All faces going one direction anyway…
For the love of all that’s holy…
What if we put some adults in the picture?
Nope…doesn’t seem to help…
We’ll call this a win!

Great visit, and only 5 months until we all meet in Vermont again!