Our Morning

Our Morning

“I’m great at cooking, if you want it to be disgusting,” said Noa.

Oh, excuse me, Monkey Chef Noa.

It all started when The Buster wanted to make limenade at bedtime last night.

“We can do it tomorrow,” I said. “Just remind me.”

“Please send yourself an email so we both remember,” he said. (Jeesh, this kid knows me so well.)

Our morning began, not with the WOD I had envisioned, but with squeezing fresh limes into the plastic juicer thingy that Buster bought at The Closet several years ago.

After the limeade was popped into the fridge to cool, he decided to strip the shell off an egg to make a “bouncing egg.” Well, when Yessa heard about this, she wanted in on the fun.

Dissolving shell

From there they moved on to making a new version of Poop Soup. At first I started to discourage this, then I realized I was getting in the way of experimentation and learning, so I simply said I needed them to keep the mess contained in pans, and then we were all happy.

The process
Looks yummy.
It was getting a little messy.

What was Monkey up to while the kitchen was being squeezed and stirred into a scary concoction?

She was working on a park for Eva’s new doll.

Starting the creation.

And what was I doing?

In addition to being head lime slicer and liquid pourer, I’m re-reading Surviving The Applewhites in preparation for book club being held at our house in a couple weeks.

While I was typing this up, Buster and Yessa settled on the couch for him to tell her a story while they waited for the limenade to strain.

Now we’re packing up in preparation for dropping Monkey off at the Girl Scout booth she’s staffing this morning. Then, The Littles and I will return to have lunch at a pizza place with some homeschooling friends after we’ve worked at the office for an hour or two.

This afternoon we’re headed to Cousins’ house for play and to share dinner since the two Dads are out of town together.

Looks like a pretty fantastic day.