Trip Around The World Takes A Step Forward

Trip Around The World Takes A Step Forward

It’s a tiny step, but it feels like it will lead to good things.

Yessa and I dug out some gem stickers, and the kids and I put them on the calendar on the “for sure” counties, and a couple other countries we think are good bets.

East Half

The map above shows the countries on the “East Side” that are of interest: New Zealand or Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, and Botswana. Oh, and there is a jewel out in the ocean that represents the “yet-to-be-named” country of Jenny and Brendan’s.

The map below shows the “West Side:” Canada, Costa Rica, and home. (Oh, and Grandma and Grandpa’s house.)

“West Side”

The jewels helped me have a mental image of progressing across the world. Of course, proximity in no way means that flights between two countries will be less expensive, but helping to visually organize my thoughts is going to help as we research weather and timing for the various countries.

Buds did “pooh, pooh” when I suggested Canada last night. It appeals to me for several reasons, though his main criticism seems to be that weather will be a bigger issue if we actually start the trip in January. Well, duh! We wouldn’t start the trip in January if we were starting there.

So, the planning takes little steps forward. We all love the idea of ending with a vacation in Costa Rica. Though the trip is still 4 years away, I’m down to wanting to make the final picks and start the country specific planning and learning.

And no matter what happens, nor what counties we pick, we are going to have an amazing time!