House Updates

House Updates

Every year I engage in a flurry of house cleaning activity while Buds and the children enjoy the flurries in Vermont.

Wodding in a Winter Wonderland.

This year was no exception.

Now, a series of before and afters:

Pot pad and birthday candle drawer before.
Pot pad and birthday candle drawer after. Admittedly, most of the pot pads are in the wash.
Random Kitchen Utensil Drawer Before
Random Kitchen Utensil Drawer After (This one seems to need cleaned and organized every year.)

And then a whole series of the library bookshelves before:

#3-Especially note the papers spilling out of the bin on the lower right. That drove me crazy!

And, the afters!

#3- No more papers sagging out!

I’ve been surprised at the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders with getting the books sorted, spaced, and organized. I was really feeling like the disorganization was hindering the children from finding the books they needed and wanted, and I did not find the library soothing at all.

Now the books that some would consider our “schooling” books are in their own set of bookshelves in the living room, and non-fiction and fiction books are sorted out. There are shelves specific to library books, and there is even space to display some loved pictures. And with the craft supplies organized I’m excited for the kids to work on some projects. It won’t feel like the craft cupboards are throwing up whenever they get opened, which was a strong deterrent for me encouraging painting and creating.

Now I’m off to finish the coat closet and Buds and my clothes closet.

Here are the befores:

Coat Closet View #1
Coat Closet View #2
Our clothes closet. Wow, that’s bad!

Well, an hour later, the coat closet is complete.

Labeled bins for hats, gloves, and scarves.
The floor can be seen! Note the bike helmets hanging on the side, and the swim bag ready and waiting for another summer of fun.

That’s it for tonight. Buds and the kids driving home tomorrow. I still have about 10 hours to work on the house before they arrive home. More surprises to come.