Another Cousin's Birthday

Another Cousin's Birthday

The youngest cousin just turned 2, and we celebrated her at a local playground. Aunt A made life easy for everyone by packing a huge bag of snacks and drinks, paying for kids to ride the merry-go-round, and then ordering fantastic pizza for our lunch and cake and ice cream back at their house.

Cousin L is the little sister of Cousin O and Cousin M, two of Buster and Yessa’s best friends. So this was like a party in heaven to get the whole morning together, and the playground, and pizza, AND cake.

Happy sigh…

Pictures will tell this story best:

Fun house mirror faces
Uncle Zach jailed for some minor infraction.
Carousel pictures are really tough to get!
Merry-go-round fun
Best buds
A little head start…
Big strides
The Dad begins to run.
Still big strides
O begins to laugh.
Big Z gets ready to pounce.
Won’t be long and O will own you, Big Z.
Crazy Legs Buds
Slide play
The Mom stays in the picture.
Loving the girl.
Veggie Strips taste test
Could you tell which color was which?
Chew, chew, chew.
The Monkey was great at this contest.
Grandma G and the girls waiting for another spin on the go-round.
Aunt A and birthday girl angel swings

The above picture will always be a reminder to me of how clever and insightful children are. The Buster and I were wandering the playground together, and he climbed on this ship with this table set up on it. (See next picture for a visual.) He spun these tubes inset in the table and said, “Mom, come play me a game of tic, tac, toe.”

Not in a million years would it have struck me that you could play tic, tac, toe with those spinners. They were just for spinning! So simple, elegant, and quick. Love these kids!

Sit down you’re rockin’ the boat.
The waves are really high.
Kid overboard!
Yessa winks…sort of…or possibly a bug flew into her eye.
Nom, nom pizza.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Cousin L!