What if we always had to answer a child's questions?

What if we always had to answer a child's questions?

Last Saturday night was our first night back to church in many, many weeks. Between the kids and me being out at Mom’s, plus the general business of summer, Saturdays flew by. I was so thankful to sink into the pew at UUCF and breathe in the peace and calm of that sanctuary space I love.

Because of the small size of the Saturday night community, the RE classes for K-6th grade are all grouped together. They have a dedicated group of fantastic teachers, and I’m excited to hear what the children will learn about.

Buds worked to set Yessa up for staying down in RE. She was going to get to be in the same class with Monkey and Buster. Kate and Betty would be there. We were thrilled to see Ms. Paula was the RE Admin. when we walked in the Program Building. Ms. Linnea was there to greet the children and welcome them into the Chapel. Yessa wandered off with the big kids, and Buds and I looked at each other in wonder.

“Would it actually be this simple?”

We stopped to make sure Paula had Buds’ cell# so she could call if Yessa needed us. As we visited with her, here came Yessa, trucking it out of the Chapel. She grabbed my hand and said, “I want to go with you!”

She was fantastic during the service. She created beautiful rainbow pictures for much of the time. When the visiting harpist played, she’d pop up to watch her as well as listen. Then when Rev. Laura began her sermon, talking about those connections between small groups of people, and what a difference that can make in our lives, Yessa climbed into my lap, leaned her little head back against my neck, and just listened.

She’d ask me a question every so often.

“What does it mean that he was physically abused?”

“What does that mean?”

“What is she talking about?”

It kept me alert and focused and thinking.

And the sheer physical connection of having her warm little body snuggled on my lap was a holy sermon, too. This sweet, powerhouse of a child, who sometimes has to make her place in our family with the power of her fists, relaxed and let the spirit of the place wash over her, too.

It was spirituality in its best sense.