All For One And One For All.

All For One And One For All.

Zoe had been encouraging me to get eye appointments for all the children since it had been awhile since the last ones.

Yessa mentioned a couple weeks ago that her eyes felt sort of blurry.

I finally got the appointments made, and today we went to MyEyeDoctor. (I detest that name, by the way.)

The staff was great, and the overall outcome:

Glasses for EVERYBODY!

The Buster has a slight astigmatism. He only needs to wear glasses when he is reading.

Monkey is near-sighted and needs to wear glasses except when she is reading.

Yessa, the big winner, has one eye that is quite a bit weaker than the other (the right), and she will need to wear her glasses all the time.

Everyone was great throughout their exams. Yessa is the most distressed about it.

And, dang, kids’ glasses sure make them look cute.

The Buster in the 3-D glasses
The exam process
Found a blue pair. Tried them on. Loved them. Done.