Disney Final Day--D- for Doom Day

Disney Final Day--D- for Doom Day

Our last morning at Disney. We had our plans all laid out. Cousin M and Aunt A headed in very early so M could have breakfast with the princesses. Our crew was packing up to head over to the Magic Kingdom a little later to get in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and a couple other highlights we had missed on our first day there. We might even stay all day, since we only had a 1 1/2 hour drive back to April and Matt’s.

The Dads took all the rest of the children down to the playground in our subdivision after breakfast. This was to give me time to pack up, and the playground was supposed to be fantastic, and we hadn’t spent time there yet.

They’d been gone for only a short while when Buds and Monkey returned. She had fallen off the merry-go-round and landed on her arm. She was holding her arm in a way I well remembered from my 9 y.o. arm breaking incident, but she wasn’t really crying, so we just weren’t sure. What we did know was that taking her to the doctor was going to take a large chunk of time, so we got her settled in with an ice pack and the arm on a pillow while Buds went back to collect the rest of our crew, and I threw all the rest of our stuff in the car.

She was so sad and disappointed at not being able to go back to the Magic Kingdom, but everyone handled themselves so wonderfully.

And, of course, as we learned later that morning, after our trip to the Urgent Care Clinic in St. Augustine, it was broken. As we’ve all said many times, it was a fantastic vacation, and will become–in family lore–the time we went to Disney and Monkey broke her arm.

Iced and relaxed, waiting to leave.