Home Space

Home Space

I had big plans and a very long list of tasks to accomplish during the week the family was away.  Now I realize the list was completely unrealistic since I also planned to sleep, eat, workout, and breathe.

Luckily, my niece, Patricia, very generously agreed to spend some of her holiday break with me to help.  Thanks to her hard work, everything on the original list (except for auction work) was accomplished, and additional items were added.

Here are some before and after shots:

Spice Cabinet After Patty Worked Her Magic
Spice Cabinet Before
Tool Shelves Before
Tool Shelves After Patty Magic
Children's Closet Before
Children's Closet After
Children's Bedroom Before

Children's Bedroom Before


Pepto Pink Love Cave Before
Piles in the Pepto Palace
Latte' colored retreat after
Basement Disaster Area
More Disaster

And the Basement Playspace After:

And finally, the upstairs Family Room.