He's funny even before 6 a.m.!

He's funny even before 6 a.m.!

Not even 6 a.m. and the kid is already making me laugh.

The presents for Zoe’s birthday are sitting on the dining room table downstairs.  He went down, then came back up to tell me:

“When I went downstairs I saw the presents, but I didn’t look inside them.  I was pleased to see there were ones for me and Noa.”

He asked to get up, and I asked him to check the clock in the family room to see what time it was.

“Where is the clock?” He asked.

“It’s sitting on the little cupboard just inside the family room door.” I replied.

“Is it sitting on the floor or up high?”

I explained, “If you run your hand down the door as you walk into the family room, it’s sitting on the first cupboard that your hand will run into.  It’s very bright.  You can’t miss it.”

He replied, “Well, that’s very interesting because I’ve missed it every other time I’ve gone into the family room.”

Then I elbowed him in the stomach.