Providence: Day Two

Providence:  Day Two

After a relaxed start to the day, the kids and I headed over to have lunch with Liz and Baby O, while Buds and Tony went to work and study at a coffee shop.  It was lovely to sit and visit with Liz, while the kids all entertained themselves.

Then we headed out to the Children’s Museum.

What a grand time we had here:

In addition to the water play, which the children loved, there was this fantastic Time Machine exhibit where the children went into different rooms and learned about different people and what journeys brought them to Providence.  It was fascinating and really well done.  We’ll definitely go here on our next visit to Providence.

After playing here for many hours, Buds called and told us there was going to be a crazy brass band parade by Liz and Tony’s, so we hopped in the car and drove to their house.  Yessa fell asleep and missed the whole thing, but the big kids loved it.

Crazy, dancing marching bands


Crazy, laughing kids.


A good combination.

Back to the hotel for dinner and a swim, and that was the end of another great day.