Colorado Extras...

Colorado Extras...

I have some great photos from our camera that didn’t make it into specific blog posts.  I didn’t take the cord needed on our trip to be able to pull the pictures off the camera while we were away, and I didn’t want to get that far behind in posts, so I just used the pictures from my iphone.  But, I don’t want these pictures to disappear in the great vast expanse of our iphoto files, so here they are.  (Plus, Mary is watching for them, and I don’t want to disappoint her.  😉

Buds tickling the ivories on a piano we walked by on the way home each day.

The sign telling us of the bear sighting on our first hike.

The rocky cliff we hiked to that first morning.

The hike goes up and behind the rocky cliffs, then you cut through to get to the “front” side.

Thank goodness for self-timers.

At the beginning of our big hike, up the Flatirons.  This was really cool.

It was an incredibly rocky hike.  We talked about how much Monkey would love it.  She’s a rock climbing monkey.

In addition to being a beautiful picture, this shows how much higher up we were climbing than the little rocks we climbed a few days before.  “The Bear Path” hike was up the little stand of dark brown rocks, sticking up like a crown, in the middle of this picture.

We saw some impressive rock climbing on the Flatirons.

We were both so struck by this one hardy tree, doing its very best to survive in a rather inhospitable spot.  Give a tree a crack, and it will make a life.