San Francisco--Day Two

San Francisco--Day Two

We were up and around bright and early on Thursday.  Buds headed out to Google, and we headed down to board the trolley.  This was our day for taking a boat ride in the Bay, and then touring the Aquarium Of The Bay

This was us as we awaited our turn to board the boat that would take us out under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alkatraz.  The boat ride was quite hot, and we were seated in the back.  Noa fell asleep, and Zachary wanted to, but overall we thought it was interesting.  We heard fascinating stories about Alkatraz and the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Looking over The Buster’s head as we chug toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

Getting ready to go under the bridge.  Yessa is already asleep at this point.

We were a little disappointed that we didn’t go under the Golden Gate Bridge, and out the other side.  We just floated “nearly under” it. It was amazing to see it up close like this, though.

The spooky music playing over the boat’s speaker system certainly had an impact, but Alcatraz was spooky to just look at.  It would be easy to understand, as the narrator put it, to see how a man could go crazy with all the world had to offer in plain sight every day, and to not be able to reach it.

After our ride around the Bay, we snacked on ice cream, and watched people wobble off on their rental bikes to see the city.

The purple striped shirt worn here has never fully recovered from the chocolate onslaught.

We stopped for a few pictures with some sea lions, then on to the Aquarium By The Bay:

As we did on our last trip to San Francisco, we loved the Aquarium.

The moving sidewalk tube that takes you through the aquarium, with fish and dolphins and sharks swimming all around you, and the hunt for the shy squids, make this place a grand adventure.

The kids loved this rather crazy exhibit that they crawled into and popped up in the middle of.  It looked like they were in the middle of an aquarium.  Totally cracked them up.

This day ended with a ride home on a Cable Car, as most of our day’s in San Francisco did.  The children were thrilled because they got to ride facing out on the car, like adults.  I stood on the running board, with my arm across them, and the other adults seated around us were on constant vigilance, too, ready to help if needed.  It was really great.

I also love this picture because it shows The Buster with his Bakugan Book.  It went everywhere with us.  As I emailed Ms. Jenny, who gave him the book for the trip, “Bakugan Boy has explained Bakugans to random people on the plane, the British people in the booth behind us at the diner at dinner last night, and the three street musicians who were performing as we waited to get on the Cable Car.  Like with most things when you are talking with someone as they share their passion, all the people were very interested in the Bakugans.”

Jenny’s response, “Zachary, emissary of hope to the masses. Bringing Bakugan to the people. I love it!”