Good times with Grandma

Good times with Grandma

My mom spent the last week out here with us, and as always, it gave me a chance to work, work, work, on all those paperwork and business things that get lost and pushed aside.  And as always, the children had some wonderful fun with Grandma.

Two fun things I happen to have pictures of are:

The new popcorn popper, which held us all enthralled the first time we used it.  It was a flashback to college days for me.

And, we had our second fire of the season, created by just the children and me.  Thanks to our wonderful lesson from Sir Brendan, we were able to get a good, roasty fire up and going.  I predict many superb evenings gathered around our fire pit.

Buds was so happy to arrive home from work to find everything was all set for him to have a delicious dinner, and a s’more, he did a little dance.

And, finally, the kids posed for some cute piccies on top of the house: