An Alex Kind of Day

An Alex Kind of Day

Zoe and Alex had the joy of spending a whole Saturday together, earning Brownie try-its.  God bless April, Alex’s mom, she split the day with me, so she picked up Monkey bright and early and headed off with the girls for the morning while I got to go to the gym and work out and relax.  Then, I swapped with April for the afternoon.  She had gotten in some good hours of knitting, so it was a good morning for both of us.

Zoe and Alex have been best buds for several years now, and I’m always so grateful that Girl Scouting brought such a wonderful family into our life.

Oh, and as a total aside, this is a picture of Alex’s birthday cake last year.  It always makes me laugh:

I like to think of it as Botox Tinkerbell, smoking a cigarette.

Love you, April!