Spain 2024-Day 12-Valencia

Spain 2024-Day 12-Valencia
Beach art

A bike to the beach seemed like a great way to begin this sunny day.

Biking here is a new beast to get used to. There is a lot more car traffic, moving faster than we saw in Bilbao, but there are miles and miles of dedicated bike paths, and even a simple barrier helps for feeling protected.

This path is only for bikes. Walkers and runners have a different path to use.

It really makes a huge difference to have bikers and walkers separated as well. And making it so cars are not the most important way to move through a city changes the entire dynamic.

We're going to write a specific biking post, but you can tell we love the culture of transportation here.

Dog Park space, too!

The neighborhoods around the beach have smaller streets and were peaceful on this Wednesday morning.

'Cause if you can have a dragon, why wouldn't you?!?!

We found a cafe for breakfast, then headed for the water.

The boat in the back
Spectacular Fountain Sprays Water to Look Like a Boat
At first, the image above looks like a boat, one that is caught in a soaking surge of water, but it is in fact a cleverly designed fountain sprinkling
Toes, meet the Mediterranean.

After walking the sand, we headed back to Churrería Heladería Los Olivares to get our traditional churros and chocolate. It was good 35 years ago when I first had it, and they taste exactly the same as they did back then.

Then we walked a mile to get to a metro stop.

Was it the closest metro stop?

Of course not.

Those 20,000 steps can't walk themselves, you know.

The rest of the day was filled with Buds in meetings, both of us studying and reading, and then at the end of his work day, out for our nightly walk. We realized the perfect nightcap would be a delicious Vietnamese dinner.

Yes, please. 😍