Spain 2024-Day 3-Bilbao, The Ocean

Spain 2024-Day 3-Bilbao, The Ocean
Carrot, apple, ginger, lemon...oh, my.

The day started with a morning jog, then coffee at our favorite spots. We ate at the non-vegan place, then moved to the vegan place.

Interestingly, Buds had a vegan breakfast at the non-vegan location.
This has been a great spot for us.
We're loving the seedy bread.
Warming start to the day.

We didn't have specific plans for the day, so Buddie dreamed up a plan. We'd take the Metro out to the beach, get off, walk around and choose somewhere to eat.

On our way to the Metro, we decided to check out Azkuna Zentroa, the cultural arts center in Bilboa. It sounded like exactly the sort of quirky, interesting spot we like to explore.

It certainly was quirky.

All the pillars are different.

According to the website linked above, the diversity of column design has a reason.

"...the new cultural space rest on 43 pillars designed by the Italian set designer Lorenzo Baraldi. The diversity of styles in these columns in the entrance hall represents the infinite cultures, architectures, wars and religions of the history of humanity, and the importance of art in our lives."

Though interesting, the squat columns felt uncomfortable for the size of the space. It was not our favorite art creation we've seen.

We were more intrigued by the huge video screen also in the same atrium. Through some video magic, the people on the floor were broadcast up onto the screen, and when someone moved, the simulated flies clustered all around the moving person/people. Buds demonstrated for us.

I'm not sure what dystopian message it is sending, but it made me laugh, so there's that. In the video, I'm standing in the top middle of the screen, filming.

It was a really big screen.

It was a comfortable, sunny and 62° kind of day. We had a long walk to the metro, made longer by our directional confusion, but it was glorious to be out in the beauty.

Look at that sky.

This was the walk where we realized some of the crossing lights had timers on them that start at 65 seconds! That's a long time to cross the street! And not only do the green "time to cross" lights count down, the red "don't cross yet" lights also count down.

36 seconds left to cross.
1 second before the light turns green.

Another boon of our wandering around was going past an elementary school. It wasn't like the elementary schools where we grew up.

We thought it was interesting to hear the kids in gym class on the very top floor of the building.

We finally made it to the Metro stop we needed for the beach and boarded up.

First time on the Bilbao metro.
If anyone had gotten on with a surfboard, we would have had to move. They did not.

We had a lovely visit with another passenger on the Metro from Irvine, CA. (In my defense, children, she talked to us first.) She was heading back to the cruise ship where she was on an 11 day cruise. She retired in July of last year and was getting in lots of traveling.

First order of business after we got off the Metro was lunch! We were hungry. I was happy we found somewhere that served salads and the avocados were delicious!

Simple. Scrumptious.

Then our walk-about began in earnest. We discovered this crazy floating sky bridge.

Like a ferry that floats across the water, but in the sky.

Supposedly this was necessary due to the tall boats that frequented this section of the waterway.

From this mechanical marvel, we meandered down by the water.

"How you doin'?" Do you think he watched Friends?
That's the pier/park we're headed for.
Here we are on the end of the pier. You can see our California friend's cruise ship in the background.

Greatly intrigued by this piece of art, we were glad they had an explanation for it erected.

Neptune and Bilbao
Of course, Bilbao was triumphant.

After more time in the sun, we metro-ed back to our part of town, stopped for some pintxos and sangria, then back to the apartment for our last night in Bilbao.

An array of pintxos.