Spain 2024-Bilbao Apartment

Spain 2024-Bilbao Apartment

What a superb spot to kick off this adventure.

Buds kindly gave us a tour of the sweet space where it all began.

The outside entrance

Climb four flights of stairs (or take the elevator.)

The view from the front door.
The compact kitchen
The view from the bedroom.

One extra clever design feature from this apartment is the crown molding. Every room has it, but it's moved in about an inch from the wall. These takes care of the inevitable bumps and wiggles in an old building.

The owner of this home, Neara, has been great to work with. There's no one checking in for a couple days after us, so she told us we could even stay an extra night for free if we'd like. That's kindness.

The kitchen was well stocked for us, although we questioned the translation on the salt canister.

I'd prefer to trust that this is salt. 😉

On to our next home is San Sebastian. This time we're trying out something new; renting a room and sharing the home with the owners.

We'll see how that goes. 🤞🤞🤞