The Pre-Journey: Yessa Goes To Italy 2024

The Pre-Journey: Yessa Goes To Italy 2024

Kel, Paula, Betty, and Kate invited Yessa to join them on their spring break trip to Italy. Yessa is flying down to Virginia tomorrow, and they all leave on their adventure on Friday night.

Yessa has been working hard to ensure all the classwork she can get done before the trip is out of the way. When she returns it will be her spring break so she'll have time to recover from her vacation.

Besides school work, today was about getting her new shoes and travel snacks. We went to the Fleet Feet store near us and Mary, the salesperson, was fantastic. She scanned Yessa's feet, analyzed her gait and helped Yessa choose from 10 different pairs of shoes.

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Yessa ended up with another pair of Hokas, but she also learned about her arches and instep and a new way to tie her shoes that best suits her feet.

She's ready to walk all over Rome and Florence.