The Everyday With A Siren Of Excitement

The Everyday With A Siren Of Excitement
Parked at our house, but not here for our house.

With Buster heading back to class after a week off from being sick with the cold the whole family dealt with, life has returned to its typical routine.

Monkey is putting together a care package, including cookies, for a friend.
Buster joined Yessa and me in some yoga because getting back to CrossFit after a week off will remind you how sore your muscles can get.
The weather has been beautiful, so lots of dog walks.

Then, this morning, the shriek of sirens filled our street. Three houses down, neighbor Jane's furnace caught fire. She and her doggo were out and safe. The neighbors gathered around her as she watched from the yard across the street. There were 6 large fire trucks and multiple smaller fire trucks. I loved seeing how people gathered around to offer support and comfort as we waited to hear if the fire had been contained.

The fire department quickly had things under control. It was contained to the basement. There was smoke rolling out the front door, so no idea what she'll need to do for smoke smell or damage, but she and Bucky are safe, which is what truly matters.

That's life in our neighborhood; relaxed with a little bit of spice and smoke.

"Do small things with great love."