Everlasting Everywhere Movie Marathon

Everlasting Everywhere Movie Marathon
Venice before kids approx. 2001

Buds and I accidentally had a movie marathon last night. Yessa wanted to watch "Everything Everywhere All At Once" so we did. We'd all watched it together before so when Yessa tired and headed to bed, Buds and I finished it up. We had been discussing "Everlasting Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind" (It's actually called "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," but we can never remember that.), and we pulled that up to watch a few minutes of it...which turned into watching all of it.

Both emotionally wrenching, inspiring, thought-provoking movies; we love discussing the meaning and value behind the insights they offer and the points they make.

With "Everlasting" is is the realization and understanding behind devotion to a relationship, the ups-and-downs and choices to stay together, the pain that can come with love. It also shows you the power of the word, "Okay."

Buds and I saw it in a movie theater in Pleasant Hill, Iowa while Mom and Dad watched the 2 kiddos. (It came out in late 2004.) As the end credits rolled I turned to Buds with a huge smile, tears rolling down my cheeks, a feeling of sunshine bursting out of my chest. In front of us a young, white, teenager turned to her parents and said, "What did that even mean?! What happened?!"

Obviously not a movie for everyone, but for us a tremendous hit.

Venice with kids, 2015.

Everything, Everywhere, Everlasting.

Erasing memories would be a travesty to me.