Familial Hallucination

Familial Hallucination

We had a very strange thing happen tonight.

Buds opened a door in our kitchen, and it was an essentially empty cupboard that all of us had forgotten about. I'm not even sure why he opened it, but we all stared in awe.

It was right there, under the silverware drawer. The silverware drawer we each use many times per day.

It's right there!

It's difficult to explain the shock and astonishment we each displayed as we looked at the open cupboard door.

Open 25 times/day.
We put some items in there, just to prove it was real.

What a strange feeling to find a cupboard with drawers where there had been no cupboard before. 🤯

As I read back over this post, I realize I am not fully conveying how shocked the whole family was. It was _literally_ as if that cupboard was not there until Buddie opened it. It had not been opened for the last two years!

Now I'm wondering what else we're missing.