The School Year Began-MCC 2023

The School Year Began-MCC 2023
Got to catch up on sleep wherever you can. πŸ’–πŸ’–

I was at Mom's when the school year officially began on August 28. The schedules for the kids line up pretty well. They all have on-campus classes on Monday and Wednesday. Monkey also is on campus on Fridays.

The schedules are such that they all leave together at 8:20 and get picked up at 4:45. It's a long day, an early start to the day, and Monkey and Buster especially have lots of time in between classes. (Buster has only one class from 2-3:15.)

I begged for pictures of the day, and they delivered.

I also begged them to not have Buds take the group selfie, but we did this get this artistic masterpiece:

Great shot of Buds, as is the case with all his selfies. πŸ˜†

Monkey and I were cracking up at the direct correlation between her mood that morning and this picture:

Wednesday Addams vibes from Monkey. 🀣🀣

With all the time he had, Buster got several great ones.

The kids explored and found lots of different spots for work and waiting.

As a culinary arts student, Yessa can rent one of these lockers so she's not carrying her knife set around campus.
This is my favorite color of Buster's t-shirts.

Buds picked them up at the end of the long day, and overall it was a good start for everyone.

I was sorry I wasn't there, but so grateful for the care and support they all give each other.