The Seville Apartment - Europe 2023

The Seville Apartment - Europe 2023

Our last spot of the trip and it was ideal for this point in the trip. It was a little too much in the touristy spot for us, but we had our own accordion playing grandma with a little puppy who frequently played at the end of our street, which told us where to turn. The bedrooms had air conditioning, which was a gift, and we could walk anywhere in the city.

Our front door.

Looking up at the building.

The tiny inner courtyard.

Up these stairs

Looking down into the courtyard.

In this door

The kitchen was straight in from the front door, down the stairs.

The main hallway down from the kitchen door. Our bedroom hallway the first door on the left.

Our bedroom hallway, bathroom on the left, bedroom straight ahead.

Lovely bathroom

Matrimonial bed I liked, Buds was not a fan.

The living room- the AC in here wasn’t working, so we didn’t spend much time here.

Looking back at the dining room, which we did enjoy.

Yessa’s bedroom.