Mocha Moves

Mocha Moves

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You may have already seen this wrestle mom doing her thing.

Buds and I have been laughing about this video for weeks, but then I realized something; Mocha has turned into this wrestle mom.

Buds and I were sprawled out on the couch, a head at each end, his body in back, mine in front. Mocha came over to give me the harrumphing sound to get me to move and make room for her. I refused and politely suggested she return to her bed.

She walked to the other end of the couch and harrumphed at Buddie to see if he would move. He ignored her.

It was an intense movie; Wakanda Forever. We were having a group viewing with Thena, so we were focused on the action and discussion. After the movie was over, I realized that Mocha was sitting on top of both of us at the peak of the couch, queen of all she surveyed. I had no recollection of her climbing up there, thought it must have been quite a process.

One instance might be brushed off, but I realized she’s been pushing us around in bed, too.

Several different nights I’ve come back to bed to find that she has 3/4 of the bed all to herself. One night Buddie was laying across the foot of the bed, perpendicular to me because she had been crowding him so badly he retreated to a safe space. Another night we found we were lying parallel to each other, sidewise on the bed because she had maneuvered her way into the middle. We’re not even sure how it happens because at the beginning of the night, she’s designated a small corner on Buddie’s side of the bed. By morning, she’s always in the middle, often lying sideways, feet pushed up against Buddie’s back as her back shoves me over.

The only thing that’s saving her is that her body heat is such a gift on cold winter nights. And that she makes us laugh.

I have serious doubts about who will come out ahead in this battle of the bed. She’s just so darn cute.

She likes to sit on those she loves.