Sparkly Eyes

Sparkly Eyes

After over a decade of being a glasses girl, Monkey decided to give contacts a try.

As all things do, contacts have progressed over the years. There’s no running out of saline solution or forgetting your contacts case for this new crowd of contact wearers. And hopefully no scratched cornea from leaving them in too long either.

Monkey puts them in, wears them for a day, out they come. Out of her eyes, into the trash.

She loves the clarity they have brought to her vision. It’s reminiscent of her very first pair of glasses when suddenly she could see that trees have leaves.

It’s a learning curve, intentionally putting things into your eyes. She’s motivated and seems to have it figured out.

This rational kiddo who sees morality so clearly now has the unhindered vision to match.

No glasses back then either. Baby Monkey and Chippie.