Big Box Hack Unlocked

Big Box Hack Unlocked

I finally figured out how to make trips to big box stores, the grocery store, or IKEA incredibly low stress and time efficient.

Use the website to know exactly where to go in the store. It saves time and money and sanity.

Need a vent kit?
There are 4 of them available in Aisle 43, Bay 7.

Headed to Target?

Great! Make a plan.

Two left in Aisle F37.
Wegmans tries to be stealthy. See that “16B” at the bottom? That’s Aisle 16B.

The Costco website doesn’t seem to have this option, which is unfortunate. Of course, they want us to wander.

For those who love to shop, knowing where things are in the store may not be a feature, but for me, this allowed me to be in and out of Lowes in 45 minutes yesterday, with my sanity in tact. It would have been 30 minutes but I had to wait for help from a kindly fellow to find respirators that were not on the shelf, but I knew they had at least 2, based on my research. 😁

They actually had 10, so the website’s not perfect, but it’s much better and more sustainable than me shrieking in my head from frustration.

My Lowes’ list:

If I’d been really organized I would have put them in aisle order like I did on our last IKEA trip, but this list was so short I didn’t need to.

There you go, my fellow shopping-haters. You can thank me later.

And if you already knew this hack, why didn’t you tell me sooner?! 😉