Europe Trip #2 - Early July 2022 - Oh The Places You'll Stay - Regensburg

Europe Trip #2 - Early July 2022 - Oh The Places You'll Stay - Regensburg
Note: the spacing is wonky on this post because it was started on my phone in Regnesburg and is being finished on the laptop in the U.S. Hopefully you can still read it with no problem.

By the time this is posted, you’ll have read the big reveal about the havoc COVID wreaked on the end of our trip. I’m starting this post as Buster and I sit in our 2nd Regensburg apartment. In about an hour we’ll pack up from here to head to our third, and hopefully final, apartment in Regensburg.

As I’ve said many times, you don’t really know what you are going to get until you get to each place. We’ve generally had great luck over the years, Satan’s shower included.

I was displeased with our first apartment in Regensburg. It was tiny, loud, no privacy for anyone, loud, hot, loud, and a great location.

We’re the two open windows on the bottom right, next to “Paradiso.”

Super cute building, right?

Bus stops right there.

Two restaurants right underneath you. Three more within shouting distance. Literally, shouting, often.

Did I mention it was loud?

The view from the entrance door. Where the bench is is where we had Buster’s bed. Bathroom door on the left.
The stupid shower slider doors are generally frustrating.
The kitchen
The rest of the apartment. Yessa had a bed under one window, Monkey under the other. Buds and I had the bed.
Lots of Klimt in several apartments.

Once we had our positive covid diagnosis and 3 of the 5 moved to a new location, this apartment was better. We had the windows thrown open all the time for ventilation, and at night I could play raindrop sounds as loudly as I needed to cover up the bus brakes and patron laughter from down below. We made it work. But, you can imagine my face when I helped Buds and the girls move into their new apartment. It. Was. Gorgeous! Three bedrooms, huge kitchen, 2 living room spaces, dining room, big bathroom, lots of fans, very quiet, great location, very quiet. Buds and I kept laughing as the owner showed us around each new space. While I certainly didn’t begrudge my loved ones the space, I certainly would have loved if we had all been there together. After the rest of the family left, Buster and I moved into our 2nd Regensburg apartment. Buds had suggested the Holiday Inn by the train station, but I hoped to have a kitchen and a space closer to the city center, so I picked a different location. When we were being shown around, Buster leaned over and whispered, “This feels like a space where we will be axe-murdered.”
The locked door to the street.
The bike room after you walked in the street door.
Then a walk through a small courtyard to the door to our building. Unlocked but with a sign that says something about not letting the cat in. Okay, so the “lobby” looks a little rough, but at least we share the area with an artist?
The stairs to upstairs. We were on the 1st floor.
Our actual apartment was…fine.
Entryway. Bathroom on the left.
The window in the bathroom was a little scary.
View of the mechanicals room from the bathroom.
Large bedroom
Decent kitchen with oven and washing machine!
Because we needed to maintain lots of ventilation, I threw open the windows, which caused some anxiety since we were on the first floor in an axe-murderer apartment, so I put up a barricade. But when Buster walked out in the kitchen with the wide-open window, the cat was sitting on our kitchen bench.
Why can’t I come back in?!
The plan was for me to sleep on the futon to be close to the window, but after Buster had been on the bed for a bit he started to have an allergic reaction to the sheets. At this point I accepted this was not going to be our final Regensburg space and cancelled our final nights in this apartment and made a reservation for the next days at the Holiday Inn. (Yes, the one that Buds had suggested at the very beginning.) It was a relief to pack up and walk to the Holiday Inn the next morning. Buster guided us and it was a beautiful walk.
The little bikes at the kindergarten. 💕
Seeing the sides of the palace.
And then walking through the old city gates toward the park. They couldn’t check us in right away, but they had a room to hold our luggage so we dropped off our heavy load and walked to a delightful restaurant a couple blocks away. It was another gray, cold day, but the owner was glad to dry off some spaces for us outdoors so we could dine outside. After lunch we waited for a bit in the downstairs lobby, but they let us check in an hour early, and we were so happy and relieved to be settled in a clean, quiet, comfortable space. This truly was our last housing in Regensburg. With restaurants and grocery stores within an easy walk, we enjoyed our few days of solitude here. It had absolutely no personality and could have been a Holiday Inn any where in the world, but we were grateful for the peaceful anonymity. The end is in sight!!