A Weekend In Vermont

A Weekend In Vermont

One of the goals for our move north was more time with Buddie’s family, and a couple weeks ago Buds, Mocha, and I took off for a weekend in Vermont, the first of many in the years to come.

With our upcoming Europe trip, the kids decided 12 hours in the car wasn’t top of their list so they got to spend their time at home, just the three of them.

We stopped at the cheese shop at the public market on our way out of town to pick up some cheese to share, then off we went.

Dinners with Buddie’s parents and sister and part of her family, several walks and hikes made the weekend go quickly. We took two of the bikes along and enjoyed getting out on those.

It was so fun to watch Mocha cavort and frolic playing fetch and being surrounded by love. She did take a nip out of Rebecca’s puppy’s ear, so that was not great. 😖

Overall though, a wonderful weekend of beauty.

Buds not so good at the groupies. 🤣🤣

The kids had a couple ups and downs while we were away, but handled them great.

Still, we were glad to be up and on the road early on Monday morning, a good time had, and many more ahead.

See you in Italy. 💖💖