Europe Trip #1 2022 - Medically Speaking

Europe Trip #1 2022 - Medically Speaking

On our second trip to Italy, 2 decades ago now, we were pregnant with Baby #1, who would become Monkey. But before she was Monkey, before she was born, she was simply the critter sharing my body who was making me sick. First trimester often brings morning sickness, but for me, for that pregnancy, the nausea could be any time of day and it extended until around month 7 when Gina sent me ginger chews and they cured me as if by a miracle.

But there was another time during that pregnancy when I was not sick. No nausea wandered through my days, and that was our time in Italy. There was no nausea.

Neither was there any coffee or wine or soft cheeses, but to be free of the vomiting for that time, it was a gift. Our midwife suggested it may have been the different, or lack of, pesticides used in Europe. On this current trip, Jenny was talking about European flour being less processed, and I wonder if that played a role all those years ago.

Whatever the reason, it was such blessed relief.

No vomiting to be seen.

I’ve had another medical respite on this trip. Since before our move to New York, I’ve had a metallic taste in my mouth. It’s been discussed with my doctor and dentist and there’s nothing dire about it, just an annoyance of aging it seems.


It’s gone.

I realized when we were in Budapest that it was gone and I hadn’t even noticed it.

It certainly wasn’t limiting my life quality or enjoyment of food, but I am finding delight in its absence.

I seem to find Europe healing.