90% of you will have to hit the German-English dictionary to figure out what that title means. Zwillinge means “Twins” and it’s the key to the horror in Monkey’s new game.

For the past three weeks, Monkey has been deeply involved (to the tune of ~200 hours of work) in a challenge. Buster has been involved too with many backstory conversations and some sound editing contributions.

This fall, her role playing game development platform of choice RPG Maker launched a new version: RPG Maker MZ. As part of that launch they’re running a Game Jam. Game developers create and share their best spooky game using MZ. The “spooktators” review them and the best games win prizes (here are the rules).

Get ready to run, “Ashley”

The reviews so far are positive with special kudos going to the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

A beautifully designed dark environment with spot on lighting and sound fx, along with carefully planned and entertainingly executed puzzles and clues. 

                                              – @akoniti

Another one

Zwillinge is a game where you play as Ashley, a student who wakes up in an abandoned mansion and must find a way out. Don’t misjudge it just because it’s a commonly used cliche. This game is honestly very good.


Overall, Zwillinge is a game of very high quality. I really loved it. A lot of effort has obviously been put into it and it shows. I’m very glad I got to play it and I hope the finished game is even better. Hope to play it soon ^^ Great job!

                                              – @Hyouryuu-Na

Like so much of her writing, Zwillinge has a deep and fully thought through backstory. Some of the reviews ding the plot as a little cliche but that’s because so little gets revealed in the 30 minute demo playthrough. It’s an ice cube on the surface with an iceberg of twisting darkness lurking beneath.

If you want to give it a try, you need a Windows PC and this link from (what’s it’s bandcamp for game developers (what’s bandcamp? it’s Medium for musicians (what’s Medium? it’s Juicebox but just for writers) (what’s Juicebox, it’s a great way of sharing your work for data story tellers, find out more soon.)))))))))