Here's A Smile

Here's A Smile

Two things to make you smile to start your day.

Got to have coffee with this hilarious, sweet, insightful thing this morning:

And this guy might be brilliant:

But here’s our recent conversation:

Brainiac: “I can’t find the sweetened condensed milk.”

Me: “Okay. I’ll look.”

I open cupboard to see this:

Me: “Really? You can’t find the sweetened condensed milk?”

Turn to look at brainiac.

Brainiac: “Yes! That’s evaporated milk.”

(See the evaporated milk in the back corner?)

Me: “Really? You can’t find it?”

He comes over to stand by me.

We wait a few minutes.

Then he says, “Well, (insert curse word.)”

Then we both cry with laughter.

May you all find what you are looking for today.