Happy Early Birthday, Monkey!

Happy Early Birthday, Monkey!

To celebrate our 25th anniversary today, and Monkey’s 18th birthday on August 7, we had dinner from Bria Bistro, ate cake, and cleaned chickens.

Monkey is headed up to stay with my mom for several weeks and we wanted to be sure we got to celebrate her birthday with her, hence the early celebration.

She wanted vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, and she wanted the cake plain so each person could put on the amount of frosting they wanted.

Not sure why we used the zero candle, but no one minded.

Then downstairs to care for the little cheepers.

We still can’t tell them apart, but Mocha is fully committed to their care, so that’s a win.

She’s so committed that she woke me up last night to lead me to the garage where the three of them were sitting on the side of the pen again. The screen was tilted just enough that they were all sitting there quite happily, able to fly out whenever they chose.

We urged them back into the pen, fixed the screen, and went back to bed. I’m not sure how Mocha will take it when they are sleeping outside.

I foresee many wonderful times ahead: in this marriage, with this birthday girl, and with these pets.