Optimists Will Prevail!

Optimists Will Prevail!

It may still be several months before we see our Ryanair refund, but we are “on the relevant queue,” as the live human agent told me at 5:19 a.m. this morning.

Yesterday was a total bust in queue.

Eight hours waiting led to great conversations and learning with the children, but nothing but talking to myself on the Ryanair website:

Watching paint dry.

Since I was awake bright and early this morning, I hopped right onto the website, and though Buddie teased me when I handed him my computer to watch while I ran to the bathroom, “How are you going to live your life?” he queried, he popped back to our bedroom with a shout of, “It’s happening!”

With only a slight amount of guilt, “The voucher was sent out as a good faith effort…” the agent explained the process and put my request where it needed to be for someone to deal with it eventually.

This scenario is playing out in so many ways around the world. Theaters and symphonies asking people to consider their annual subscriptions a donation. CrossFits doing online classes and “renting” their equipment out to members to encourage people not to cancel their memberships. Good companies trying to do the right thing, while still staying in business.

And the families on the other side of the equation; if we had lent this money to a friend, we’d be fine with it disappearing. But this much money being lost to a large company doesn’t feel sustainable for our family.

At least for this instance, the decision has been made. Refund when they get to it.