Mocha Discoveries

Mocha Discoveries

Mocha got the curbside treatment from our vet today.

To get the flea and tick medicine, they needed to meet her and weigh her.

She weighs 45#, and they gushed about how sweet she is.

Then, this afternoon while Buds and I were building a bonfire, I picked up some sticks in the yard and she lasered in on me like Buddie on Apple product announcement days.

I threw a stick across the yard and she flew after it; decided the one I’d thrown wasn’t big enough, so she dropped it and picked up a fallen tree limb twice her length to drag over to a shady spot to lay down and munch on.

Her complete, joyful, gamboling around made my heart swell.

I love this doggo.

She was “supporting” Yessa
during her math class.