Mocha Day 2

Mocha Day 2

The sweet girl had upset tummy in the night, so Buds and I both took her out a couple times, but despite that she slept with Yessa for some hours and finally settled into her bed in our room until I made her go outside around 6:30 a.m.

Making herself at home.
In the darkness.

She grew more and more comfortable today. She loves to be outside with us and explored more of the yard.

She still has not barked at all. She gave a small whine in the night to let me know she needed to go out, and that is the only sound we’ve heard from her.

Her tail is frequently wagging and when she’s listening her ears perk up in an intense manner. But she’s also very human focused and listens so well. Even clear across the yard when she’s staring at something, she will come trotting with a swinging tail and a smile as soon as you call her name.

Today was the first time we’d seen her run, which hopefully tells me she’s feeling better and better as the engorgement clears up. She looks very much like a puppy when she’s running, which was another surprise.

She’s been a total joy so far.