Another Juicey Holiday

Another Juicey Holiday

Buds had the Juice Holiday Party last weekend.

In a stellar example of how much living with and loving this introvert has changed me, I really didn’t want to go.

I like all the people he works with. The place we were going sounded interesting. I didn’t even have to dress up too much.

I floated the idea of maybe he’d rather go without me, and he looked at me lovingly and said, “I want to be there with you.”

So I went.

And it was wonderful.

I really do love all the people he works with. They are kind and interesting and thoughtful.

I got to hold a 3-month old baby that still smelled like new baby.

That alone would have made the night totally worthwhile, but there was more.

I love seeing Buds with all these people he truly enjoys and who seem to value him for the amazing, patient, supportive, brilliant person that he is. Yes, he’s the boss, but he’s a fantastic boss, and part of my night was listening to people tell me or tell each other how grateful they are to work with good people.

I love to see him laugh.

And in another fun twist, one of Buddie’s co-workers invited his parents to come toward the end of the party so they could meet all the people he works with. It was absolutely perfect! His parents added a great deal to the party, and his mom is a Ph.D. Professor of Communication with an emphasis in Conflict Management! It was a delight to visit with her since she’s living a life I could envision loving.

It was little disconcerting to talk with her, though. She’s from Wisconsin, so that same Midwest style of easy connection, plus when we got ready to leave for the evening, she told me earnestly that I could reach out to her if I ever needed support.

That’s normally my line.

It was like talking to a slightly older version of myself.

And I liked it.

Quite possibly the hippest place we will ever have an outing, and it was a delight.

Hip Drinks
Hip Place.

So glad I got to be Buddie’s +1 and designated driver. Maybe I’ll do it again next year.