Model Behavior

Model Behavior

Caitlin had a wonderful trip up to D.C. last month. While she was away we snuggled the pets as they would let us, but they were still very happy when she got home.

Never leave us again.

When she was telling us of her adventure, she showed us a metal model she purchased as a souvenir.

“Hey,” I said. “Buds bought one of that type in Hamburg to remind him of his favorite museum there, but he hasn’t gotten very far. Would you like to work on it?”

Buds was thrilled with the idea.

She was game and settled in to see what she could do. It was more intricate than the space shuttle she had just completed, but she has nimble fingers and a steady hand, so she progressed rapidly.

Plus, Bo helped.

She completed it within a few days.

I present to you the USS Missouri. The 63rd Battleship the United States built:

Better picture of Bo.
Better picture of the ship.

And then she was having so much fun, she found another intricate model to build. And Buster is now the proud owner of his own dragon:

Thanks, Caitlin, for sharing your talents with us!