When the garage is your catch-all space, eventually that catches up to you. The garage has needed to be cleaned out for weeks.

Today is that day because…

Buds and I found an isolated puddle in the garage last week and couldn’t discern the source. The great thing about water is that it will show you what it’s about if given enough time.

Before she left for work this morning, Caitlin popped in to tell me there was a puddle by the dryer.

As we trotted off to the garage I thought, “Ah, hah! Mystery solved!”

Yes, it’s solved. And now I’ll figure out how to get it fixed.

I see a new ejection pump in our future.

It was one of the first repairs we made when we moved in, back in September 2013. Having it replaced also lead to removing all the old cast iron pipes. At least that problem can’t return.

It’s a perfectly gorgeous day here, and I’ll be doing that which I love: cleaning out and cleaning up.

Let’s get this party started.

Before, left side:

Before, right side: