I learned to play backgammon in middle school. (It was called junior high in my day.)

As soon as I learned to play I was obsessed. I adored the game. I hard a tough time finding people to play with me, as is often the case when we are devoted to something and other people don’t have the same devotion.

I had a very cheap backgammon set I bought with my allowance, but then Joe Lowry gave me a beautiful set for my birthday one year. I’ve carried that set with me through life, and I’ve finally found someone willing to play.

Yessa and I have been playing every night and it gives me such joy. She’s also beaten me every night so far, but her luck can’t last forever.

Tonight she had to roll a one and a six to beat me.

Her cackles of exuberance were worth waiting all these years to hear.