Bedroom Retreat

Bedroom Retreat

We still need to hang pictures on the walls because, as Monkey told me, “It’s not the same in here without pictures of you and Dad gazing at each other lovingly.”

But other than that our bedroom is complete.

It started many months ago when Weston installed the laundry chute in our closet. We had to empty out the closet for that process, which made our already cluttered bedroom look crammed.

The above picture shows after the walls are already painted. That process described here.

Closet emptied, new, more efficient closet shelving needed to be installed.

Clothes sorted.

We said good bye to all but one of Buddie’s ties. The one above is from Saffie and Jim’s wedding. 🥰

Also goodbye to the last New Hampshire 2013 shirt created by Gina.

New shelves all ready.

Putting things back:

The closet had been done for awhile, and I had the new curtains to hang, but I couldn’t find the curtain rod hangers.

So I cleaned the garage to try to find the hangers, but ended up buying new ones when I found the old ones had been painted.

See why projects take so long?!

But, finally, yesterday, curtains were hung!


The new curtains are in that blue bag on the floor in the right of the picture. Very meta of me.


Makes our room much cooler and it finally feels finished.

Except for those darn pictures.