Has It Only Been Twenty-five?

Has It Only Been Twenty-five?

Around 7 p.m., on a cold Friday night, exactly 25 years ago, I first saw him.

I first held his hand as we swung our first dance.

I laughed at his first joke, and I fell into his chocolate brown eyes.

The full story is well-known in family and friend lore. (So well-known that when we met a friend’s new boyfriend last weekend, she insisted we tell him the story and added in bits herself. 🥰😆)

His example makes me want to be a better human.

His support gives me time and space to do sacred work.

His vision guides our future.

His laughter and sparkly-eyed wit makes our whole family laugh.

His back squat makes me envious.

And his balanced, loving presence fills my heart.

As you are mine, Dear Buddie, I am yours.