First Snow Day Ever!

First Snow Day Ever!

My best friend from my teaching days, Nathan, and I have laughed many times over the years about how much we loved snow days when we were teaching school.

I may have loved them as a child, but that paled in comparison to my adoration as an adult.

My children tried to prove with their enthusiasm that they love them even more than the adult me.

Buster was still down with a cold, but both he and Monkey were excited to have their first “snow day.”

It’s actually an “Icey Driveway Day.”

Both driveways at Sudbury are steep and have runoff, so with the cold temperatures they’ve turned into ice sheets.

Thumbs up for snow days:

Once the email came that school was cancelled the next day, Monkey stayed up late to keep working on her projects.

Here’s a pictures of her door behind which she is sleeping:

Fun while it lasts.