Kids' Bathroom Day 3

Kids' Bathroom Day 3

Except for the ceiling, the demo deed has been done.

The day began with Buds and Weston hauling the new vanity into the garage.

Weston managed to lift up one end of the tub enough to realize that would be the end of lifting it.

Let the sawing begin.

That’s not going to float your boat.

Weston steadfastly refuses my offers of help as a matter of course so he hauled out a lot of pounds today.

The old tile floor cracked enough that it also had to be removed, taking us down to the who-knows-what layer.

Even the cats don’t know what to think.

This bathroom seems smaller with everything out of it, unlike our bathroom which seemed so much bigger and taller.

Ceiling comes down tomorrow, then the reverse process begins.

In a funny moment, Weston had to ask me to write him a new check. The last one was returned when they tried to deposit it digitally because, “your check could not be read,” the bank said.

“It was illegible.” Weston laughingly told me.

Totally not true, but the rewrite would have made an 1800’s school teacher proud.