IKEA or I Kan't Ever Again

IKEA or I Kan't Ever Again

After we left Gina and Todd, we had a mission to complete. We had a list of IKEA items.

IKEA has defeated us before. We always think we have a plan, but that place drains our energy like…I don’t know what it’s like.

I’m still recovering from the trip to IKEA.

This time we planned to pace ourselves.

Go sit on the couches and pick one, then have lunch, then head to the warehouse to pick up everything we needed.

We were sure this would work.

The last time Buds went to IKEA in Atlanta he picked out such great furniture for Monkey’s bedroom remodel that we wanted to purchase more of some of the same pieces. Her reading chair and desk chair have become family favorites.

We also had a vision for spaces when we have groups of friends over, so a new couch was planned.

The plan mostly worked.

I’m already looking a little crazed and this is just the display right inside the front doors.

Before is above.

After is below:

We did stop for lunch.

We kept pushing, but when Buds said he wanted to look at potential furniture for the new office space, I had to lay down on the bed displays.

“Leave me for dead…”

I was “slacking” with the kids because it was making me laugh as I watched people walk by.

People felt awkward walking by me as I lounged on the display bed, but talking to them from the bed to make them feel more comfortable didn’t seem like a good decision.

I was laughing in my head, but didn’t have the energy to get up to change the situation.

We finally made it to the warehouse area and began to gather our furnishings.

We importantly learned on this trip that you start a trip to IKEA by going to the “As is” area.

We went there last and had to return some items we had already loaded in the truck because we found items we preferred for half the price.

We barely survived that, but being frugal, we did it.

We were finally all loaded up.

We had ice cream to wake us up for the trip home.

Buddie immediately got brain freeze.

Todd and Gina were simultaneously on a long road trip. Not huge fans:

We returned this picture to assure them we felt their pain:

We made our way home and our impressive crew got right to work:

We made good progress the first night, and then Yessa and I completed the construction the next day, with Buds jumping in when he got home from work.

We’re trying a variety of room set ups to see what we like most.

We’re having a party tomorrow night, so we’ll be able to to test functionality with real people.

The animals have all given it a thumbs up. That’s a good start.