Master Bathroom Day 15

Master Bathroom Day 15

Buds and I slept late this morning, so we didn’t have Weston’s coffee ready when he walked in the door at 6:30, but he forgave us.

Today was mostly unseen work; getting can lights installed in the attic, sealing the tile, running electrical. He did carry the very heavy toilet up.

As with the whole bathroom my question has been, “Will it be easy to clean?”

Look closely at that toilet.

Here, I’ll help:

It is one solid piece and smooth down the sides. We’ll still have to clean behind it, but the days of wiping around those little caps holding the toilet down are gone!

Tomorrow brings grout. That will also be sealed to death.

Not totally sure about the “sunflower seed” paint color. It was chosen to match the turtle’s underbelly.

We’ll see.