Exciting Morning

Exciting Morning

The bigs and I were toodling along, belting out The Greatest Showman tunes, when the front window started to “frost” up.

As the brain slowly processed we realized:

1) That’s not frost. That’s smoke.

2) The exhaust is also emitting smoke.

3) The blinky blinky light on the dashboard is blinking.

I pulled over and popped the hood. (You know, to see if it was a problem I could easily fix with some duct tape and cheezits from a child’s lunch box.)

Impressively, I saw the problem right away.

No radiator cap.

Since I had just had the oil changed the day before, I knew who to call to share my ire.

I really like the car place we use down the road, but this is strike two for a mechanical issue, so we may be back to just using them for tires.

To their credit, they were very contrite.

Buds was already head deep in work and didn’t answer my calls, so I rang up Best Buddy Lou who dropped what she was doing and drove right up to sit with us for 45 minutes while we waited for the tow truck.

That’s Lou’s cute little car back there.

The bigs just kept on working:

We got to see the roadside mowing up close and wave to them.

One nice thing was that the girls cleaned out the car yesterday, so I’m sure the tow truck driver, Jordan, was very impressed with our spotless, broken-down vehicle.

Car was towed off:

And Lou delivered us safely home where we got to share the story of our morning which will become family lore.

“Remember that time Dad left us to die on the side of the road and Louanne had to save our lives?!”

That’s a working title. It may change.

The mechanic has already called to let me know everything has been checked and all is well.

They’ve even given us a new radiator cap.