Dare To Compare State Fairs

Dare To Compare State Fairs

I know not to compare my children. That’s Parenting 101.

I briefly considered not comparing the Tennessee State Fair and the Iowa State Fair.

Then I realized they really aren’t comparable.

After dropping the Bigs off at Sudbury, Yessa and I headed to the Tennessee State Fair, which is held on the fairgrounds in Nashville. A soccer stadium has recently been approved, so not sure how much longer the fair will be held here.

(Imagine that for just a second; the Iowa fair grounds being sold for a stadium. If you aren’t from Iowa, I will just tell you, there would be absolute chaos and a state civil war.)

Three things about the Tennessee State Fair:

1) There was no butter cow.

2) I saw about twenty campers. TWENTY!

3) I’ll be heading to Iowa to get back to the annual tradition next year.

The fair here made me ache for the real deal.

Yessa and I lasted an hour, then headed to the science center.

That sums up this state fair.

A fairy house exhibit we liked.

A dragonfly quilt I covet.

The bunny version of Yessa’s cat, MoonStar.